The job search it can be associated more with the beginning of a love relationship than it seems. According to recruitment specialists, finding the vacancy that best suits the candidate’s profile can increase the possibility of joining the job that generates greater satisfaction.

“Searching for a job isn’t just about finding the right position, it’s also about finding something you enjoy doing. Feeling good about what you do is essential because the more you like your role, the more likely you are to dedicate yourself to pursuing your long-term professional success, ”explains the firm Michael Page.

But how do you know if a vacancy is your better half? Cecilia Mansilla, a Udemy instructor and personal development specialist, believes that to find the job offer what are you doing match With the profile of the person it is necessary to evaluate various elements beyond salary.

“For professionals who are in this situation, knowing how to identify job advertisements that are in line with their expectations is important to filter organizations and thus focus on those that really suit their needs,” says the specialist.

For Cecilia Mansilla, they are five elements what job seekers should consider find out if the vacancy is suitable:

» 1. Study how the company presents itself

Before applying for a job offer, the ideal is investigate the companyevaluating how you present yourself and what information there is about the organization, such as when you meet a person, knowing more about the company offering the position can give you signs of whether it really is a place where you want to work.

“The way she displays her information in a job advertisement says a lot about her, learning to read what reflects her organizational culture it serves to have a first indication of whether it is the right place for you”, emphasizes the specialist.

» 2. Understand what the characteristics of the role are

Understand and read the list of the experience, skills Y knowledge that are requested in the vacancy allows to know exactly what the organization expects from the person and thus determine if the offer is adequate or not.

When you are looking for your first job opportunity and you have little experience, it is advisable to investigate the functions and skills of the offered position beforehand, this is to know if the vacancy is realistic and the organization is not asking for more than what the position requires.

» 3. Pay attention to keywords

The alignment between the vacancy and what people are looking for professionally is important, so it is necessary to search for keywords in the job offer that allow to identify if the same objectives and values ​​are really pursued.

For example, if the publication of the employment vacancy has words such as adaptation to change or comfort in changing environments, “they give an indication that it is a highly changing and dynamic work environment, which is not bad, but it can be a space in which your profile is not ideal if what you What you are looking for is stability and predictability.”

» 4. Be clear about your way of working

When applying for a vacancy, know what the better way to work for a person can give light to the candidates to make the best decision. For example, if the person is more productive in a flexible scheme, looking for an opportunity in a company with traditional formats is probably not ideal.

be aware of work model that is desired allows applying in companies where the person really feels comfortable working.

» 5. Analyze the company’s social networks

Returning to the investigation of the company, to get to know the organization better, it is not enough to review the company’s official page, it is also good to visit its social networks and explore photographs of how the spaces and work environmentfor instance.

Additionally, it is advisable to search on platforms of job search and in social networks opinions about work in the company, this allows knowing information that is not always visible in an advertisement.

Salary and other important factors

One way to improve your chances in the job search process is to assess whether the candidate’s skills, personality, and values ​​fit into the selection process, according to specialists at Michael Page.

To find the best job opportunity, the firm recommends that people evaluate the following aspects:

  • Competencies. Part of having the most suitable job is being in a place where the person’s abilities are used to the fullest, otherwise it is a waste for both the worker and the employer.
  • challenges. Doing the same thing every day in a monotonous way and without any challenge ends up causing the work to not be enjoyed. It is important to evaluate if the company offers challenges, even if they are not great, but that allow to keep the mind occupied.
  • Salary. Although all of the above is important, money is not something that is left over and it is important that candidates analyze whether the remuneration offered by the vacancy is in accordance with the skills and experience they have.
  • company culture. Satisfaction is linked to the organizational culture and therefore it is relevant to investigate whether the company’s values ​​are shared by the candidates.
  • Increase. A key indicator for being satisfied with a job is the growth opportunity it offers. The recommendation is to verify that employment offers clear possibilities for professional development.

Along the same lines, the Hays firm points out that finding the best job opportunity It is usually a complex process, but evaluating a series of factors can help find a job where the person feels comfortable.

To find the job that creates satisfaction, Hays recommends first establishing a career goalthis allows you to apply for job offers that are not only adapted to the area of ​​study or work experience, but also to tastes and demands.

“Our advice is not to base the perfect job in the money Do not simply seek to reach a monetary figure, look for a sector that you like, tasks in which you feel fulfilled and a type of work that does not feel like such”, indicate the specialists of the firm.

In addition to this, knowing the strengths and weaknessespersonal is a good guide to apply for the vacancy that offers long-term satisfaction, this is because generally people enjoy doing the job they are really good at.

“To find the perfect job for you, you must analyze a wide variety of factors, both internal and external. The market situation is an important factor to consider, but first you must be sure of what your personal and work goals. Remember, it’s not Mondays you hate, what you don’t like is your job.


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