• The New York painter Santi Moix and the movie star Liam Neeson polish this Barcelona in the process of regaining its heartbeat. While we celebrate the future of a great promise of surname Gràcia.

Only if politicians manage to channel and take care of all the talent that exists and emerges in Barcelona, ​​will the city return to what it was. At the moment, the one that is best placed in the photos is Jaume Collboni. The first deputy mayor does not miss one and if Colau it eats all the browns, Collboni it only appears in exciting acts. We will see what results this positioning will give you, but this week we have seen you present the new Palo Alto Bcn project, on the night of tourism or on the 20th anniversary of 22 @. I mean, it doesn’t stop.

For talent is that they squander Thanks. I meet in Poble Sec with Joan Gràcia del Tricicle and his daughter Juliet Today, Juliet she is the daughter of Joan, but it is only a matter of time. Soon Joan will be the father of Juliet I do not have any doubt. And I say this because Julieta Gràcia It is not only a pretty face. She is one of those young Barcelona women with talent, training and knowing how to be who aims very high. She works as a model by chance, but has already been on the cover of prestigious magazines. He studied design in Barcelona and London and according to his father he has an innate artistic talent. It is true that with a mother like Ana who was also a model and a father like Joan Only a creative daughter could come out, but she has done her part. He has inherited the best of his house and follows the pattern of models such as Mascó, Lorenzo o Klein. In other words, models that play with their feet on the ground, committed and that reinvent themselves on a daily basis. Without a doubt, the only formula that today allows you to progress.

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For his part Joan, the father of Juliet continues to triumph, although away from the theatrical stages with Tricicle. Now he directs the artistic part of the prestigious Lio, the restaurant with a cabaret show in Ibiza. Such has been the success that the same model has already been exported in Las Vegas and Mykonos and will soon open in Dubai. “I would like to work in Barcelona, ​​but the city needs to reinvent itself and overcome the complex we have. I think it is time to bet on the city.” I look at him and think of future mayoral candidates. Well, that, Barcelona cannot miss out on guys like Joan Gràcia.

Spectacular exhibitions

Two days later, in Enrique Granados, the street with the most atmosphere in Barcelona next to the Born, two exhibitions are inaugurated that one cannot miss. The first is that of the renowned artist Santi Moix. He does it at the Marlborough gallery that he runs Mercé Ros. Impressive the 6.5-meter porcelain mosaic exhibited at the entrance and that he has created together with the prestigious Empordà ceramist Joan Raventós. From cat We will talk one day about how much it represents for Barcelona to have an artist settled and succeeding in New York. There is no better ambassador for our city than a guy like Santi Moix.

Three blocks down, opens Ramon Poch. An artist dedicated to the plastic creation with his spectacular paintings and that combines with his work in the world of advertising and marketing. It is his second exhibition, but there will be more. Sure. It is exhibited at the Aragón Gallery and is well worth a visit. The color of his works transmits optimism and happiness and that, in these times, is a gift. I said, a fantastic guy and a spectacular work.

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Liam Neeson at the Jok

Leaving my cultural route I approached the Jok. Definitely the trendy restaurant. Has it all. A spectacular place located in an apartment on the street of Mallorca, two steps from Paseo de Gràcia, you eat well, professional and friendly service, good cocktails and there is atmosphere until three o’clock … So much so that if I get to go one day I’d have met the British actor earlier Liam Neeson. Well yes, the protagonist of films like ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘A monster is coming to see me’ or ‘Michael Collins’ is shooting an Irish production called ‘Marlowe’ these days in Barcelona and the Costa Brava. He liked the Jok and occupied the same chair in which one of the greatest in the history of Barça sat a day before. I leave it there.


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