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IT service management (ITSM) refers to how IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers. Furthermore, it encompasses all the activities and processes necessary to support, deliver, build and design these services.

The core idea behind ITSM is the delivery of IT as a service. People often misunderstand ITSM as basic IT support. Rather, ITSM teams overlook all forms of technology in the workplace, from laptops to servers, printers, and business-critical software applications.

Modern infrastructures become more complex every day, and vital IT systems and services must be fully operational 24 hours a day. Therefore, IT teams are taking advantage of powerful ITSM tools to help manage IT.

These tools offer a plethora of unique features to support IT teams. Some of the benefits ITSM tools provide include:

  • Reduce business inefficiencies
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Support business operations and efficiency
  • Ensure delivery of IT services is continuous

Businesses of all sizes should consider purchasing an ITSM tool to get the job done and solve IT problems. Here’s what you need to know about two of the leading ITSM tools: ServiceNow and Jira.

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service now

ServiceNow ITSM is an innovative single cloud ITSM tool that enables you to future-proof your IT infrastructure. With ServiceNow ITSM, you can deliver resilient IT services that increase employee productivity and create compelling customer service experiences.

key differentiators

  • Use built-in best practices to quickly secure disparate tools in a single cloud engagement system.
  • Leverage your shared data and analytics with recommended IT service workflows.
  • Use artificial intelligence (AI) to speed problem resolution and improve agent efficiency.
  • Incidents are automatically assigned to the appropriate resolution team.
  • With always-on IT services, shape service experiences for local and remote employees.
  • Proactively deliver high-quality IT services at scale while continually improving business processes.
  • Get complete visibility into your IT infrastructure with real-time analytics, built-in dashboards.
  • Eliminate friction between departments with a modern mobile app that runs on a solitary platform.

Prices: ServiceNow ITSM is available in three packages: ITSM, ITSM Professional, and ITSM Enterprise. Contact the ServiceNow sales team for a personalized quote.

Jira Overview

Atlassian’s Jira Service Management is an ITSM tool that enables business and development and operations (DevOps) teams to collaborate quickly and efficiently. With Jira Service Management, you can respond to changes and deliver great customer and employee service experiences quickly.

key differentiators

  • Empower every team, from legal to human resources (HR), to quickly and consistently set up a service desk that scales.
  • Track work across your IT infrastructure through Jira’s open collaborative platform.
  • Ingest data from other software development tools and link issues in Jira, so your IT operations and support teams have more contextual information to quickly respond to changes, incidents, and requests.
  • Manage risk while creating greater customer impact.
  • Deploy changes with ease, speed critical development work, and eliminate effort.
  • Power Jira Service Management with over 1,000 trusted apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Prices: Jira Service Management is available in four packages: Free, Standard, Premium, and Enterprise. At no cost, users can access 3 agents and 2GB of storage. The Standard plan offers a limit of up to 5,000 agents and 250 GB of file storage at $20 per agent per month, and the Premium plan offers a limit of up to 5,000 agents and unlimited file storage at $45 per agent per month. Those interested in the Enterprise plan will need to contact the sales team for pricing information.

ServiceNow integration with Jira

For wanting to take advantage of the benefits offered by both tools, the integration of Jira with ServiceNow is beneficial for companies, allowing them to:

  • Make faster and better decisions;
  • Leverage the best of collaboration and functionality in the delivery ecosystem;
  • Speed ​​up customer response time;
  • Ensure full traceability of requirements; Y
  • Get the full context of customer priorities and requirements.

Choose ITSM tools

ITSM tools are most used by IT service delivery functions and IT service desks to support workflows and process tasks such as configuration, awareness, service level, change, problem, request and incident management.

Before purchasing an ITSM tool, we recommend that you do some research on your own. Review the ITSM tool offerings in detail and buy the one that best suits your business profile.

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