Jesús Ramírez Cuevas accuses Lorenzo Córdova of wanting to annul the Mandate Revocation consultation

The General Coordinator of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic, Jesus Ramirez Cuevasassured this Sunday that if the results of the consultation of Revocation of Mandatethe process must be replaced with a charge to the budget of the National Electoral Institute.

This was said on social networks by the official, “in the face of the threats of the INE’s president counselor of wanting to annul the results of the revocation consultation for alleged violations of the law,” he indicated.

The president counselor of the INE, Lorenzo Cordovahas indicated this same Sunday in a conference at the electoral body’s facilities that the institute does not have the power to annul the consultation, since it will correspond to the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federationthrough the denunciations of the political parties, analyze the irregularities.

Cordova Vianello reported that voting was suspended in 10 polling places in the State of Mexico and Michoacán due to attempts at violence and threats.

In turn, the INE president counselor called on the officials of the three powers of the Union not to violate the law and avoid proclaiming themselves in favor of the Revocation of the Mandate, and influencing citizen decisions.

This Sunday, the Mandate Revocation consultation takes place, an exercise in which citizens will express their opinion on whether President Andrés Manuel López Obrador should continue with his mandate until 2024 or should be revoked due to lack of confidence.

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