In one of his last photos, Jesus Marinas He appeared very deteriorated in a bed at the Ramón y Cajal hospital in Madrid. He had a guarded prognosis. On October 21, he announced that he was suffering bladder cancer, and the effects of the severe medication he was taking to treat him led him to be admitted on March 31. He could neither speak nor eat food. almost a month later, her husband, Elio Valderrama, the Venezuelan photographer whom she met 32 ​​years ago and whom she married six years ago, published in his social networks an image with the Galician communicator and one of the pioneers of the gossip column in Spain. Together with the marriage, the friend and journalist Ana Parrilla.

Instead of his usual shirts with impossible prints, scarves and fuchsia blazers, Jesus Manuel Perez Marinas He was wearing the hospital gown, where he died this Tuesday, May 10, at the age of 79. In a recent interview for ‘Ten Minutes’ he was still optimistic and confident in his speedy recovery: “I’m going to get over it, I’m sure I’m going to get out of this.” That is why, from that same hospital bed, she has continued to write her weekly chronicles for ‘Egos’, in ‘La Razón’, almost until the last moment. One of the finals, the one he dedicated in April to the “new eyebrows” by Ortega Cano and the “mess” they have caused.

Genius and figure. Because if the social chronicler from A Coruña has been characterized by something throughout his extensive career, it has been by not be outspoken and not beat around the bush or half measures in their written chronicles, on the radio or in the ‘cuore’ programs where he has bawled with his distinctive timbre. You just have to remember the catchphrase of his appearances on ‘Tómbola’ (Channel 9), at the end of the 90s, and the decibels he reached with that “Shut up, Karmele!” who made immortal. creating a subgenre on heart shows tending to canalism and anger. The round robin ring show that we now see daily in programs like ‘Sálvame’ (in all its editions).

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I was going for an actor

And it is that the son of the hotel receptionist and the bookseller, and grandson of a theatrical impresarioborn on October 3, 1942 in A Coruña, began at 14 to study declamation in the Conservatory of his city, because his desire was to be an actor. But María Luisa Durán Marquina, his teacher and editor of ‘El Ideal Gallego’, inoculated him with the poison of journalism, and he ended up graduating from the Autònoma de Barcelona.

He had worked as a bellhop, serving coffee at ‘El Ideal Gallego’, and taking charge of film, theater and “society notes” criticism.

He went to Madrid, and, thanks to Jesús Vasallo, the Movement’s press director, he entered the ‘Mediterranean’ of Castellón. Later for the ‘Tele Express’ of Barcelonacovered basketball information for three weeks, but then established itself in the section ‘The city lives’, about the city’s artistry.

Fired for the trip to Puerto Rico

In the late 1970s, he began working with louis del elm in the mythical ‘protagonists’first on Peninsular radio, then on Radio Nacional de España (RNE) and finally on COPE, until June 1988, when he was fired for having traveled to Puerto Rico without permission from management.

As a specialist in information about the heart, he collaborated in almost all the magazines of this genre, from ‘Interviú’, ‘Garbo’, ‘Readings’, ‘Ten Minutes’ and ‘Epoch’.

Star of ‘Tombola’

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In the 90s he made the leap to television, where he lived his glory years. first in ‘The truth machine’ by Julián Lago (Telecinco) and then with Maria Theresa Fields. He coincided with her friend on ‘Pasa la vida’ (TVE), with her own section, ‘El retablo’, and in the social gathering of the heart in which he chatted with Carmen Rigalt, Maika Vergara, Rosa Villacastín and Josemi Rodríguez -Sieiro; in ‘Day by Day’, ‘What a happy time’, ‘Every day’ or ‘What matters’.

‘Where are you Love? (2007-2011), ‘What a pair’, with Maria Patino (2009), ‘Public Mirror’ (2009-2012) and ‘Sálvame Deluxe’ (since 2017) have been some of the latest collaborations of the ‘enfant terrible’ of the pink press, who had several trials for his articles and comments against Marta Chavarri either Encarna Sanchezand that he even earned a left hand from the ‘fist and letter’ of the Nobel Camilo Jose Cela.

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