‘Everything is a lie’ addressed this Monday at its discussion table the meeting between Carles Puigdemont and a supposed emissary of Vladimir Putin the day before the unilateral declaration of independence. To analyze this information, the program Risto Mejide had this afternoon with its author, the journalist Jesus Albalatand with Pilar Raholaregular contributor to the space.

During his first speech, Rahola commented that “Puigdemont received everyone in those days” and pointed out that “one person” arrived accompanied by “some guys who said they were Russian without presenting any credentials”. “They raised something so surreal that the ‘president’ himself at that time already considered it surreal,” he assured.

“At that time everyone called Puigdemont. Someone he trusted told him that some had relations with the Russian government and wanted to talk to him. There was a lot of interest in talking to everyone who wanted to know about the process,” he insisted.

Moments later, Rahola questioned the origin of the information: “Puigdemont is a radical pro-European and said he did not want anything outside the European Union. At that time he forgot, as he forgot many other things that have not been leaked from secret summaries or that have not been investigated by Pegasus”. “The question for the journalist is… How do they have that information? Has it come out of the secret summary?”has asked.

“You know that the sources cannot be revealed. You know it better than me,” Risto reminded him before giving way to Albalat, who appeared on the screen shaking his head. “First, I don’t have Pegasus. I haven’t bought it, I don’t have that much money. Second, It is not a secret summary because it is information and a journalistic investigation. This that we have released is not a summary, “she clarified.

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“So you have transcripts and you know what Puigdemont spoke with Terradellas that day because you had an aerial microphone,” Rahola commented ironically before exploding: “It has come out of the secret summary! It is what always happens in Spain!”.

“What was seized in the summary was a mobile phone. It was leaked a long time ago because all the parties have it, it is not a secret,” Albalat pointed out, stressing that the identification of Nicolai Sadovnikov has been the result of “a journalistic investigation”. “It is not from the summary”, she has settled.

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