Jessi Cruickshank – Winnipeg | The Canadian News

680 CJOB Give the welcome Jessi cruickshank at The Park Theater & Café on May 10, 2022!

Tickets on sale Wednesday, November 10th at noon.

JESSI IS PUMPED, UNLOADED, VAXXED, WAXED (ok, not waxed) AND ARRIVES IN A CITY NEAR YOU … FOR REAL THIS TIME! The goods and the new mom, who is she? but you’ve NEVER seen her like this. ALIVE, WITHOUT CHILDREN and COUNTING EVERYTHING. Get ready to laugh, cry and laugh until you cry as Jessi shares everything she can’t say on TV, on an intimate evening with you. Shocking behind-the-scenes stories about celebrities, hilarious ideas about motherhood, real-life reflections on life locked up, PLUS interactive games! mega prizes! drinking games! half-naked men! Need we say more? Hire a babysitter, find your best friends and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE for an unforgettable evening with Jessi. (She hasn’t dated in 2 years so YOU ​​KNOW THIS IS GOING TO BE GOOD).

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