It is surprising that a documentary made by the always imaginative, and controversial, Mark Cousins be so soft, so in favor of work. true that Jeremy Thomas has been one of the most important independent and international producers, as evidenced by his films with Bernardo Bertolucci, Nagisa Oshima, David Cronenberg, Nicolas Roeg, Terry Gilliam, Takeshi Miike and Bob Rafelson. It is true that perhaps without him there would not be films like ‘Dreamers’, ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence’, ‘Crash’, ‘Contratiempo’, ‘Tideland’, ’13 assassins’ and ‘Blood and wine’, to name a few, respectively, one from each named director. But there will be some edge, some uncomfortable moment, in his life and career, something that is hidden from us in this documentary for the sake of a portrait always positive of the portrayed figure.

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“There is no one like Jeremy Thomas & rdquor ;, says the actress Debra Winger, who worked with the producer on ‘The Sheltering Sky’ and ‘Everybody Wins’. According to tilda swinton, another actress with whom he has collaborated, “Thomas is pure rock’n’roll, pure energy”. Adds Swinton: “The storm is the element & rdquor ;.

The film is called precisely ‘The storms of Jeremy Thomas’. For Cousins, a film historian who has made a name for himself with his particular ‘The History of Cinema: An Odyssey’, Thomas is the guardian of the tradition of a very different cinema. Of that there is not the slightest doubt. And the drive they take together to Cannes is fine. But the result is a pleasant eulogy in need of a bit, just a bit, of mordant.

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