Jennifer Lawrence charged $ 5 million less than Leonardo DiCaprio on ‘Don’t Look Up’

Un study published by Variety has once again put the wage disparity between actors and actresses at the center of the debate, This study affirms that in the Netflix comedy Don’t look up Jennifer Lawrence would have charged $ 25 million (22.2 million euros), while his partner Leonardo Dicaprio would have received 30 million (26.65 million euros).

In a interview with Vanity Fair published a few weeks ago, the actress stated that “Leo attracts more box office than me.” “I am very lucky and happy with my agreement, but what I have seen, and I am sure other women in your workplace have seen it as well, is that it is extremely uncomfortable to ask about equal pay. And if you question something that seems uneven, they tell you it’s not gender disparity, but they can’t tell you what exactly it is. ”Lawrence appears before DiCaprio in the film’s opening credits.

Don’t look up ‘ parodies the great catastrophe movies from a most corrosive point of view in which there is no puppet with a head and that, in addition, has the particularity of connecting with the world in which we live, in which climate change continues not to be taken seriously and in which a pandemic has demonstrated the vulnerability of the human being , in which political populism is rampant and the great technology moguls have become the owners of the roost.

The film, Netflix original and with a spectacular cast with world-renowned actors and actresses such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence or Meryl Streep, has already been released in theaters and can be seen on streaming from December 25.

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