Javier Ruiz signs for TVE to present his new current debate in ‘prime time’

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Javier Ruiz is one of the main novelties of TVE For this season. The journalist, currently Head of Economy of Being, joins the public channel to take the reins of the current debate that The 1 will premiere in its prime time on Fridays.

The new program is one of the main bets of the public for the course that begins. A space that will resemble The Sixth Night, but with the TVE seal and with an important group of collaborators. A debate that “appeals to intelligence”, according to Ruiz.

The signing have met this Thursday during the presentation of the 2021-2022 season of TVE, which has been performed in style in the Callao cinemas in Madrid, becoming the first major event of the chain after the start of the pandemic.

A grill presented under the motto RTVE, the one you want, that comes with the seal of the new president of the Corporation, Jose Manuel Perez Tornero. News, entertainment, education and public service are the hallmarks that Tornero wants to print in this new stage.

The president of RTVE has opened the presentation in which they have also participated Amalia Martínez de Velasco, Director of General Content, and Ignacio Elguero, Director of Education, Cultural and International Diversity of RTVE.

“New TVE”

As Tornero has indicated, the new RTVE will be close to the public and want to listen to its viewers, creating content of great value that is also entertaining, informative and useful.

Some objectives that will also be present in the new RTVE debate. The idea is that it be as plural as possible, with different voices and that it reflects the reality of political, economic and social current affairs, always putting the needs of citizens at the center of the news. It wants to promote discussion of ideas, with arguments and opinion of experts in the face of tension and polarization.

Javier Ruiz has a long history of more than a decade in different informative programs of Mediaset. Those who know him say that he has always wanted to do incisive journalism and away from political phobias and philias.

Despite this, it does not hide a marked profile of left than his own Ruiz He justifies saying that he has always tried to focus his work on being on the side of users, citizens and their spectators and not governments, politicians or companies.

A job that he has developed mainly on the radio and intermittently in current affairs programs in Cuatror in the extinct news of the Mediaset chain. More recently he has been able to develop it in Being as Head of Economy, explaining the effects of the crisis on families.

“Journalist … despite everything”

A career that has also brought him setbacks. Without going any further, last July he was fired as a talkative of Ana Rosa’s program. According to the newspaper Public The decision came just after a forceful allegation was issued in the Telecinco space in the wake of the fatal beating of a young man from A Coruña, assuring that certain political parties “are undermining public freedoms”, also calling for “laws to stop” the increase in crimes of hatred against the LGTBI community.

“Journalist … despite everything”, according to his Twitter profile he has tried to exercise the “critical journalism” that is now so fashionable, which has cost him a career of ups and downs on television.

In 1995 he joined the Informative Services of Cadena Ser. He was editor of Day by day with Iñaki Gabilondo and correspondent in New York since 2000. He has been editor-in-chief of the News Services of the Prisa station, and from March 2002 to January 2008 he presented the specialized newsletter on economic news Hour 25 de los Negocios, a program that would resume in May 2019.

In September 2006 he signed as deputy director of Sogecable’s Information Services, taking charge of the direction and presentation of the desktop edition of News Four with Mónica Sanz. In 2010 he replaced Iñaki Gabilondo and at the end of this year he left the chain after buying Cuatro.

In 2015 he replaced Jesús Cintora in The Mornings of Four and in July 2018 he returns to News to take charge of News Four 2, replacing Miguel Ángel Oliver and after the cancellation of The mornings…. Following Mediaset’s decision to cancel News Four, is left without a stable project and is reconverted to a tertullian, currently in Four a day and It’s already noon

New season

TVE has presented its new season con the presence of the top managers of the Corporation together with the main faces of programs and series of all channels. The presenters of MasterChef ‘, Tell me how it happened, Ana Tramel, La hora de La 1, News, La 2, Radio Nacional, RTVE Play and Clan, were the protagonists.

Ion Aramendi, presenter of The Hunter and Better with you; Boris Izaguirre, master of ceremonies of Blood ties and Maria Eizaguirre, Director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, have presented the event.

In it, the keys to the new stage and the launch of the The big query, an unprecedented participation campaign launched a few days ago to find out what kind of public radio television the citizens want. The gala has also previewed the first chapter of the second season of the series HIT.


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