Javier Ruiz denounces the harassment and pointing out of Vox on social networks

Javier Ruiz has denounced the public harassment he has received from Vox and his supporters on social networks. As a result of the far-right party publishing a tweet pointing to him and the president of RTVE, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, Santiago Abascal dedicated these words to them: “They are the declared enemies of a majority of the people. His progressive mind works like sharia”

“This is a tweet from Santiago Abascal saying “Javier Ruiz is””, the journalist began his complaint on Cadena Ser, where he did not hesitate to respond: “This is Vox, a political party with my money, with public money, pointing at me.”

To record the harassment, Ruiz rescued some tweets from Vox followers, who mentioned him: “Javier ditch. Watch where you drink your coffee, maybe someone will give you a substitute“A user wrote to him. Another told him: “Javier Ruiz must be hung from a pine tree.”

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“You have some MPs, like Herman Tersch, to whom I would ask survival. You have your director of communication…”, he continued listing.

The journalist has denounced these hate messages, but “nothing has happened. Not only do they do nothing, but they tell you that it is freedom of expression.” “Yesterday, one of the young girl, he asked me a fee for sucking it. This perhaps goes beyond the limits of harassment“, He commented, and settled: “No, the freedom to express and the freedom to harass are not the same.”

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