Javier Cámara, in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I think I could have had another career if I had had hair”

Yesterday Javier Cámara went to have fun at ‘El Hormiguero’. The actor is presenting these days ‘Come on Juan’, the third season of the series that narrates the misadventures of Juan Carrasco, the character he plays, a politician jerk. The comedy can now be seen on HBO Max.

“The series is an enjoyment for any actor, it has been a joy of scenes, of situations & mldr; Everything happens to my character all the time, it is a comedy that can end in Greek tragedyAt the end you are telling the desperation of a man who can go to prison, “explained the actor.

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One issue that caught the attention of Pablo Motos is that this season Juan has hair. “Do you act differently when you wear a wig?”, asked the presenter, to which he answered affirmatively: “When they take it away I think I could have had another career if I had hair”.

“I started going bald in drama school and it screwed me up”Camera recalled, adding: “In addition, One of the teachers told me that yes I would do theater, but no film or television because I had small eyes and my hair was starting to thin out. It didn’t bother me because what I wanted to do was theater. “


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