Javer wants to be an issuer of thematic bonds

The housing developer Javer wants to become an issuer of thematic bonds, so it does not rule out the possibility of making a placement of this type in the Mexican market in the medium term, said Verónica Lozano, director of Planning and Investor Relations of the company.

“The performance we have had in ESG matters (environmental, social and corporate governance) is very strong; we are ready so that at the right time we can have an issue of this type “, he said during his participation in the” BIVA-Housing Sector Forum. “

He added that his management is getting stronger on environmental, social and corporate governance issues. They even have a Sustainability Committee, for which he reiterated that they are “prepared to be able to have an issue, perhaps in the medium term, of a sustainable bond or with the green label.”

Verónica Lozano explained that they have carried out several analyzes with all the actions they have undertaken, not only in environmental matters, but also in the social aspect.

For example, they have a social promoter, through which workshops, courses, classes are given, both to children, youth and adults in the communities that generate their housing developments. They have urban gardens.

In its developments, the equipment of the recreational areas, such as the games, are made with recycled materials.

Will join their peers

Once Javer completes its issue of thematic bonds in the local market, it will join other home developers that have carried out this type of issuance, such as Consorcio Ara that with its inaugural offer of sustainable bonds raised 1,500 million pesos, last month October.

Inmobiliaria Cadu, another homeowner, also debuted in this market in December 2020. With the issuance of its first green bond, it obtained 502.1 million pesos.

The pioneer in this segment is Inmobiliaria Vinte, which since 2018 has carried out the issuance of four sustainable bonds.

Sustainable bonds are fixed income instruments that are issued in the market to attract resources that are used to finance or refinance projects or activities with environmental and social benefits.

They can be issued by companies, governments, states, municipalities, development banks and have to comply with the Principles of Sustainability Bonds of the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA), an organization that regulates capital market participants.

“The market is going there, a socially responsible company, with good policies, with good governance, scores points, not only among the preference of the clients, but also in the access to funding. It is an issue that has not stopped and soon we hope to have something quite good to offer to the market ”, stated in the same forum Jesús Hernández, associate director of Analysis at PCR Verum, a rating firm.

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