Jasikevicius and Mirotic, the winning combination

The barca seems to have finally found the winning combination. The arrival of sarunas jasikevicius to the Palau and his connection with the current best player in the Euroleague, the Hispanic Montenegrin Nikola Mirotichas brought the Barça team back to excellence, a state of mind that has not existed since the time of Xavi Pascual on the bench and Juan Carlos Navarro as a reference on the track.

The Cup that raised the barca this Sunday in Granada, after a epic battle against Madrid (59-64), confirms a change of cycle that had been taking place since the arrival of the Lithuanian genius at the Palau a year and a half ago, as well as the arrival of Paul Lasso The madridista bench opened a triumphant era (21 titles, with 30 finals out of a possible 41), which began to take shape with his first title, the 2012 Cup at Sant Jordi. The last three major titles in the ACB, the last League and the last two Cup finals bear the Barça stamp, with the Madridistas as victims. With Saras at the helm, Barça have won 10 of their 13 matches in these two years.

“Go for more”

“We already have the Cup now we have to go for more & rdquor ;, proclaimed Jasikevicius after a passionate final, in which without expressly citing him, he hinted that the goal of the Barcelona fans this season is in the Euroleague, the challenge that eluded them in the season of their debut, after reaching the final.

In this, his second year, he has infected them with the character he demanded (“they are good guys, they try, but to win the important things they have to be even more bastards,” the Lithuanian coach laughed, after debuting a year ago with his first Cup title) and with him at the helm, Barça threatens the Whites’ hegemony in the historical record of competition titles (28-27) and clearly reigns in the ACB era (14 versus 10).

“Each title is won by sweating blood, it is an incredible job that has to be done and it is very difficult to win the titles so hats off to the boys, because there was a lot against them and they managed to get up in the second time”, acknowledged the Lithuanian coach in the press room to praise the reaction capacity and the suffering of his team to complete the comeback.

“Saras is doing a great job & rdquor ;, values ​​​​the sports manager of the section, Juan Carlos Navarro, after acknowledging that the first objective has been met. “He is a very intense coach, who wants all the players very involved and there is good chemistry between all of them and that is what is important & rdquor ;.

Sarah’s talk

In this his third campaign. mirotic He is also offering his most effective version, both in the ACB and in the Euroleague, despite the fact that the Lithuanian coach is dosing it to the maximum. Jasikevicius’s demand is getting the best of him. “For him scoring 20 points is easy. I always ask for more. Leadership, details that do not punish in defense. In attack he is very good. He is very involved and is going one step further. He is not just a scorer and that is what we want from the people who have to be our leader & rdquor ;, the coach pointed out last year to raise the bar for him. “I feel very loved by the fans, one of the most important within this great team, within a great family like Barcelona”, assures the power forward, a fundamental piece in the comeback in the second half together with the Lithuanian point guard Rockas Jokubaitis, and deserved MVP of the tournament (16 points, 5 rebounds and an average PIR of 23.3).

Own mirotic discovered after the final that it was the coach’s confidence that led to the comeback against Madrid, with a motivating speech at half-time. “He was 10, especially at rest, It seemed that he was the only one who trusted the team. He had a great talk that gave me goosebumps & rdquor ;, he noted.

“Saras’s half-time talk was key to success. It gave me goosebumps,” revealed Mirotic

In an interview this Monday in RAC1, the Barcelona star deepened in the subject. “We are used to the fights of our coach when we deserve it. It wasn’t a good first half and we got to the locker room with a bit of a downturn and doubts. Most of us expected a very shaky Saras and sticks falling on us. But he came very motivated, calm, giving us confidence. He told us that we had to believe. That we were fine and that we would certainly have a chance to win the match if we were patient and if we went step by step. And I think that calm and motivation gave us a boost. It was the key to our success in the final.”

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