January slope extends in CDMX; price of a kilo of lemon increased more than 180%

The increase in the cost of the basic basket in Mexico City continued considerably during the first fifteen days of February, precisely, the cost of January was extended.

The follow-up report Basic basket of the Secretariat of Economic Development (Sedeco) local, considers 30 products, two price categories (low and high), as well as four supply channels within the city (these are self-service stores, markets on wheels, public markets and the Central de Abasto).

In the supply channel of self-service stores, the price increase could be noted, this when buying the first half of February 2022 against that of 2021 in the high price category; Precisely, 24 of 30 products registered an annual increase in their prices.

The products that had the greatest variations in costs, between the first fifteen days of February of this year against the first fortnight of February 2021, are the kilo of lemon with seed that had an increase of 180.8% in its prices (it went from 22.40 to 62.90 pesos); followed by the kilo of green tomato, with a 157.6% increase (from 22.90 to 59.00 pesos); as well as the kilo of serrano chilithe price grew 116.8% (from 36.90 to 80 pesos).

the kilo of golden apple it also registered an annual variation in its prices, with 76% (it went from 36.90 to 65.00 pesos); followed by the Romaine lettuce with an increase of 59.2% (from 16.90 to 26.90 pesos); thus for the kilo of medium orange with 53.3% (16.90 to 25.90 pesos); and hass avocado with 49% (46.90 to 69.90 pesos).

The six products that did not present an increase in prices and, on the contrary, registered a decrease, when buying the first fortnight of February 2022 against that of 2021, were the spineless chayote (-37.6%, which are from 39.90 to 24.90 pesos), long rice (-14.7%, from 29.90 to 25.50 pesos), alpha potato (-12.1%, from 30.60 to 26.90 pesos), standard sugar (-5.9%, from 29.50 to 27.75 pesos), the kilo of beans black (-2.5%, from 25.50 to 24.85 pesos) and the sirloin ground beef (-0.5%, from 198 to 197 pesos).

At the same time, the 30 products of the supermarket category, when comparing February 15, 2022 against January 15 of the same year, did not register any variation in the high price category; that is, they had the same cost the products of the basic basket.

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