Mandatory use of face masks in Jalisco in public spaces will be eliminated as of this week, announced the governor of the entity, Enrique Alfaro, after highlighting the reduction in cases and deaths due to Covid-19 in the entity.

In a message broadcast on his social networks, the Jalisco governor explained that the mandatory use of the face mask will be maintained only on public transport and in the infrastructure of the local health system.

“The decision that is being made implies that it is no longer mandatory to use it in open spaces, nor in schools where there has been an insistent demand that now with the hot season it has been a huge burden for our girls and boys to use the face mask,” Enrique Alfaro said.

The governor explained that this decision was made based on the progress made in controlling the pandemic in Jaliscotwo years after the first cases of Covid-19 were registered in the country.

“The reality is that the numbers tell us that we are fine, that we have made progress and that the pandemic has been controlled in our state. Today we have 59 cases per day on average, when in the last two years we had 819 cases per day. We have the lowest level of hospitalization. As of today we have only 21 people hospitalized and during the month of April we had only 19 deaths which represents the lowest level per month since April 2020.”

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However, Enrique Alfaro warned of the need to remain alert to the outbreaks of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that have been registered in various countries.

“We are also recommending that people who have symptoms of some type of respiratory disease use it, not to be careless,” insisted the governor of Jalisco.

It should be remembered that on April 26, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, explained that at the national level “a minimum number of cases” remained, so the country would be transiting to the endemic state.

Since last April 25, the Ministry of Health stopped publishing its daily technical report on the registration of cases and deaths due to this disease and since last week it has only made a weekly delivery on the progress of the epidemic in the country.


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