Monterey, NL. The governors of JaliscoEnrique Alfaro Ramirez and New Lion, Samuel García Sepúlveda, together with businessmen from both states, signed an economic linkage agreement, with the aim of consolidating the Jalisco-Nuevo León economic axis. The leaders called on the large companies to change their fiscal domicile to these states, so that the taxes remain where they are being produced and not in another state.

“We have to take on the task of starting today (the change of RFC of entity), it is a simple procedure, (we make) a call for that company that prides itself on being from Nuevo León and Jalisco, pays its taxes with domicile in the states, if we can’t do even that for our states, we can’t feel proud.

“We need your help to raise our voices, so that such a simple procedure can generate a profound change, because it is terribly unfair -and it is an issue that we are going to work on in the following days with Samuel García-, we have to review the route (to follow), because with this distortion, in the case of Jalisco it contributes 8 out of every 100 pesos to the national GDP and receives 2 out of every 100 pesos, and Nuevo León should be there”, emphasized the governor of Jalisco.

He recognized the businessmen who, in the midst of adversity due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the economic crisis, have continued to work and with their efforts have allowed both entities not to stop and continue to grow.

“Jalisco and Nuevo León contribute almost 15% of the Gross Domestic Product, that figure should be much higher, because we still do not have a real measurement of the economies, due to that big problem that we have in the country, that our big companies , generally registered in the regime of large taxpayers, has generated a distortion that has caused the registry before the Treasury to be in Mexico City”, emphasized the official.

This was commented by Enrique Alfaro, during the Business Meeting 2022Axis Nuevo Leon-Jaliscoin which 150 businessmen from both states participated, 70 of them from Jalisco.

For his part, Samuel García Sepúlveda, governor of New Lion He pointed out: “I am convinced that both entities produce much more than what the Treasury says, coming from a centralist government, everything is concentrated in Mexico City, imagine that what we produce is given away to another state.”

That requirement was eliminated, but still most of the businessmen of Nuevo León and Jalisco are registered in the country’s capital, and he reiterated that it is important to register the RFC in both states.


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