The Barcelona Olympic Games 92 they left many moments to remember. One of them was promoted by waterpolo, with a heart attack final for the Spanish team led by figures such as Manel Estiarte and Pedro Garcia Aguado against the always tough Italy. The directors Dani of the Order (‘Barcelona, ​​nit d’estiu’, ‘The best summer of my life’) and Alex Murrull will relive the hard road that led the team to that intense match in ’42 seconds’, a film that will hit the big screen in the summer of 2022 and that these days is being shot in the Catalan capital, with Jaime Lorente (‘El Cid’, ‘The paper house’) and Alvaro Cervantes (‘Carlos, king emperor’, ‘Crazy about her’) as protagonists.

Because although in the memorable Olympic final the Spanish team made a real pineapple, the truth is that long ago that had been a tinderbox. “The selection was broken with the entry of a new coach and some kids from Madrid with great enthusiasm, little fear and an inordinate impudence,” summarizes Lorente, who gets into the skin of Aguado, better known years later as the media ‘Older brother’ of four. The work philosophy of the new signings clashes with that of the Catalan players who until then had dominated the group, “more methodical”, emphasizes Cervantes, who plays the role of Estiarte, “considered the Maradona of water polo”.

Cobi risen

The clash and disagreements between the two players, which will be filed over time, articulate the plot, as well as their individual stories. “The film talks about the Olympics, but we also find very powerful human and overcoming stories. Aguado lived with his drug addiction and Estiarte was then the best player, but he was dragging a family loss: the suicide of his sister”, details Murrull . “Were two almost opposite people. Manel was someone who was very focused, responsible, perhaps too focused on winning, and Pedro also wanted to win but had a more playful attitude “, emphasizes De la Orden about the protagonists of a film that, for a few days, has revived the logo and the mascot of the 1992 Olympics, the controversial Cobi, in a building in Barceloneta.

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“We start with two characters who can’t stand each other but who end up sharing a room [en la villa olímpica] and that they understand that they have to live with the neuroses of the other “, explains De la Orden, who recalls that the athletes dealt with” the sacrifice and training madness “to which the Croatian subjected them Dragan Matutinovic, which “put them through hell.”

No doubles

Lorente and Cervantes also had to give their best to prepare their characters, undergoing training sessions for an hour and a half in the water. “We have gone through many phases. At first we took it very badly but then we picked up the pace and we defended our work, because it is an extremely difficult sport,” says Denver from ‘La casa de papel’, who had no memory of those Olympics since in 1992 he was only one year old.

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They were so comfortable that they shot every scene. “Our great achievement is that in the end we have not used doubles for any sequence “, Cervantes proudly comments, that in the great historical event for the Catalan capital he was not over 3 years old. Both had the opportunity to meet with Estiarte and Aguado, who” have been very generous and have respected that it is a film based on his story, “says Cervantes.

The cast of the film, which will finish filming next Wednesday in Andorra, also includes actors such as Pep Ambròs, Àlex Maruny, Roger Casamajor, Joan Sentís and Christian Valencia, who embodies the ill-fated goalkeeper Jesus Rollán, another key figure in a team that fought for an athlete’s greatest dream: Olympic gold.

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