Jail for the young man arrested for killing the seller of Rubí

  • The other arrested man, who was not directly involved in the stabbing, has been released on charges of a cover-up crime.

The investigating court number 8 of Rubí has decreed provisional imprisonment for one of the two young people arrested yesterday wednesday for the murder from the employee of a Rubí grocery store, on October 8. The second detainee has left released with charges for a cover-up crime because investigators believe that did not participate in the stabbing of the victim. The two suspects have gone to court this Thursday at noon.

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The seller, a man of 42 years old and of Pakistani nationality, he bled to death upon receiving three stabs, two of them of extreme gravity in the arm and neck. Was a free attack, police sources emphasize. The events took place late in the day, when the two young men entered the grocery store and stole a bottle of Bold rum and they fled. The employee, fed up with similar robberies, went after them to try to stop them. He caught up with them not far from the store, but one of the two young men allegedly faced him, pulled out a knife, and stabbed him. The latter is the one who has entered provisional prison after going to court and will wait behind bars for the arrival of the trial. The other young man, however, is free on charges because the police emphasize that he did not attack the seller but he did not give away his friend.

The agents in charge of the investigations, members of the Nord Metropolitan Police Regio, have been able to solve the crime in ten days. They have collected both scientific evidence and eyewitness accounts and security camera images. On this occasion, it was not necessary to resort to telephone taps to solve the case.


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