Jagmeet Singh criticizes the management of the pandemic by the Prairie provinces

Jagmeet Singh on Saturday criticized the handling of the pandemic by the provincial governments of Saskatchewan and Alberta, thereby wooing voters in Conservative-held ridings on the Prairies.

But even if he is conquering the Conservative ridings, the NDP leader has not spared his attacks on Justin trudeau during his media briefing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He said in particular that the Liberal Party abandoned the provinces during the fourth wave.

Mr. Singh has targeted the Liberals most of the time during the campaign, arguing that an NDP government would be a suitable alternative to Mr. Trudeau’s party. He has also discouraged strategic voting as the campaign draws to a close.

The leader, however, did not answer many questions from reporters who wanted to know if he would support the Liberals in the event of a minority government following Monday’s election.

According to Singh, the NDP is ready to see its number of seats in the House of Commons increase, which would come with more influence.

Later Saturday, Singh will make stops in Regina and Edmonton, before returning to British Columbia for the end of the campaign.

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