Ivanna Tapia offers immigration services and is a regulated consultant in Calgary, AB, provides immigration consulting services related to “Express Entry” for professionals, technicians, provincial nominees and people with work experience in Canada, temporary study visas, work and visitation, compassionate, humanitarian and family sponsorship, PRRA, removals, shelter / protection. Additionally, Ivanna Tapia provides translation and Notary Public services.

The ICCRC is a national regulatory authority designated by the Government of Canada to protect consumers seeking and retaining the services of consultants providing immigration services to Canada. Federal law requires that immigration consultantsIn Canada or abroad, who provide Canadian immigration services for a fee, must be registered with the ICCRC and accredited as RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant).

Ivanna Tapia Immigration Services is a member of the Canadian Regulatory Council of Canada Immigration Consultants

Address: 7239 Flint Rd. SE, Unit J Calgary, Ab.
Web: http://www.itimmigration.ca
e-mail: [email protected]


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