Iván Sánchez and José Pastor will be Miguel Bosé in the television biopic about the singer

the biopic of Miguel Bosé begins to take shape with the choice of its protagonists. Ivan Sanchez Y Joseph Shepherd they will put themselves in the shoes of the singer at various stages of his life, as announced Paramount+ this very Wednesday. The series, which has already started shooting in Spain, is produced by VIS in collaboration with Shine Iberia, Elefantec Global and Legacy Rock.

‘Bosé’, title of the fiction, will make a portrait of the life of the artist, which in recent months has been the subject of numerous controversies for its denialist statements about the pandemic.

Along the six episodes a review will be made of different parts of the singer-songwriter’s career, which began in the late 1970s. Those responsible advance that the stories behind the inspiration, composition and recording of some of his most iconic works will be revealed. The impact of success on his personal life and Miguel’s relationship with his circle of friends and his parents will also be shown.

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Ivan Sanchez He has starred in series such as ‘Central Hospital’ (Telecinco), ‘The Authentic Rodrigo Leal’ (Antena 3) and ‘Hispania, the legend’ (Antena 3), among other. His prominent role came in ‘La Reina del Sur’, an adaptation of the novel by Arturo Pérez Reverte. His recent projects include ‘You Can’t Hide’, nominated for an International Emmy, and the third season of ‘Little Coincidences’ (Amazon Prime Video).

José Pastor began his acting training in 2014. He alternated his studies with dance classes while he worked in musicals during the weekends, like ‘Beauty and the Beast’ or ‘Peter Pan’. The first television role came in 2018 with the series ‘The other look’ (TVE). Later he worked on series such as ‘Hospital Valle Norte’ and ‘Acacias 38’, also on TVE.


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