This daze in which we feel the day after a dose of COVID-19 vaccine? It’s Just Wind, the album of New Zealand psyche-rock troubadour Connan Mockasin and his daddy Ade is the musical incarnation: muddy, narcotic, but exuding a beauty in feverish tones. Mockasin son improvised these grooves desert with his orchestra three years ago, after an exhausting concert in a Texan festival, and all that can be heard in the punchy orchestrations, the tempo that took a sunburn, the bits of random melodies synths and guitar. Legend has it that a medium told Connan that after a crisis of the heart of daddy, the musician had to accomplish this project reminiscent of the moments of introspection of Roger Waters solo. Papa Ade mainly takes care of reciting texts, sometimes singing as on the beautiful Clifton and ToAwanga, name of the village where the family lived. The echoing guitars that line the 14 minutes of Round Peg in a Square Hole summarize the spirit of the disc: and let it be flat, the time that the side effects pass.

It’s Just Wind


Ade & Connan Mockasin, Mexican Summer

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