Italy: compulsory health pass to go to work from October 15

After Slovenia and Greece, Italy is the third European country to impose the health pass on all employees. A measure which underlines Rome’s determination to avoid another confinement while the number of new cases increases. Italy, it is also a question of maximizing the vaccination rate while strengthening the economic recovery.

Italy was the first European country to be seriously affected by the pandemic, which killed more than 130,000 people on the peninsula and in 2020 led to the most severe recession since the post-war period.

In Rome, the reactions are mixed.

“I do not know, I am undecided because on the one hand the measure would be useful, on the other it forces people to do what they do not want to do. Today is the health pass, tomorrow what will it be? I don’t know“says Andrea Baglione, tourist guide in Rome.

With the Health Pass, I feel more secure, even mentally. If the measure is adopted massively, then, psychologically, we will feel more secure while working “ explains Massimiliano Seminara, Italian employee in a private company.

It is not a question of control. Our cell phones control us more than anything. I show the certificate without any problem at the restaurant, office, gym, etc.. “emphasizes Federica D’Amata, business manager.

At this stage, nearly 75% of the population over the age of twelve is vaccinated, or 40.46 million people.

Even within the medical professions, the vaccine, however compulsory in this sector, encounters obstacles: the National Federation of Medical Orders (FNOMCEO) thus confirmed Thursday to AFP that 728 doctors are currently suspended because not vaccinated.

Regarding teachers, 93.1% are fully vaccinated or have received at least the first dose, while 6.7% are waiting for this first dose or single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine , according to the government.

The health pass “makes you more free”, added Mr. Speranza, while it was already required to enter a restaurant, the cinema or on long-distance means of transport (trains, ships, planes).

Legal challenges are likely, as the right to work is enshrined in the Italian constitution.

For lack of health pass, private sector employees face a fine, and those in the public risk contract suspension after five omissions.

The measure will come into force on October 15.

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