“It takes a lot more work to help the country reduce its debt”

The countries of the Group of the 20 richest economies of the world need to intensify their efforts to help the nations of the lower ages join their high levels of debt, said Gita Gopinath, first sub-directorate of governance.

The second mandate in the international body is given to periodicists that 60% of the largest land areas that are evaluated are sovereign education or high risk of starvation. And he acknowledged that their interest rates were lower than the tax burden.

This situation has led to the result that it will be more difficult to pay its debts, because the Marco ComĂșn of the G20 needs to be renewed in order to log the restructuring of the debtors more quickly.

“We have some progress, but much more is needed to actually get along with the promise” of helping countries with levels of undeniable debt, said the official.


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