It controls the public media, now on the private editorial line

The Judicial Power pretends to review the “rights of the audience” which in reality are the pretext for the government to censor and restrict the freedom of expression

Freedom of expression and manifestation of ideas in Mexico is the subject of a constant and virulent attack by the President of the Republic, the federal government in its conjunction, state and municipal governors and the organized crime. The number of periodic deaths in which the sex is credited. But there is nothing more with bales, in the calle o in the Mañanera as the governor of López Obrador pretends to capture the public discussion and eliminate the criticism and the independent investigation. With the same motto that loggeran hacer responsible to Peña Nieto del homicidio de 43 students by a municipal president who formaba part of movimiento de López Obrador, sus huestes pretenden ahora lograr el control estatal of the media of private communication.

The Ley Federal de Telecomunicaciones y Radiodifusión establishes a catalog of good intentions and subjective compliments to those who are entitled to hears: receive content, ideas and diverse and plural opinions; respect programming and parenting schedules; right of reply; which maintains the quality of audio and video between programs and publicity; prohibition of any type of discrimination; respect the human rights, the superior interests of the nine and the equality of gender. Undoubtedly, these principles are its own. The radical problem in giving attributions to a bureaucratic organism of the State in order to decide for itself and whether it is, what is wrong, what is not, if there is any sanction or plan to remove a radio or television program from the Fascist figure of the “preventive suspension of transmissions”.

Additionally, to the prior principles and common sense of the individual who form part of the political faction of López Obrador, the Poder Judicial of the Federation pretends to review the “rights of the audience” which in reality are the pretext for censorship and restraint freedom of expression on radio and television. These are: (i) that differ in clarifying the information noticeable from the opinion of who presents, and (ii) that they are elements to distinguish between the publicity and the content of a program. Both dispositions are openly censored. The explanation. When the President says in the Mañanera that Carlos Loret is a sicario, is this information and opinion? When the President said that Mexico had died ten thousand years ago, was it information and opinion ?, and I could follow with miles of examples. In a live football broadcast the publicity that will be given to the cane can be transmitted or has the program to announce that it is publicity? When the sports commentator jokes about a football match that delantero is malice because he does not score the goal, is that information or opinion? How can we distinguish between reality?

The problem with the fund is that there is no difference of interest, as in the public media that were carried out by the 4T, the individuals who pretended to censor did not have the dignity to complete what they were asking. Never before as on this goberno the Canal 11, the Canal 22 and demas stations owned by the State habían are used as vulgar platforms of the governing propaganda in turn. On Channel 11 there are complete programs that falsify information related to the electrical counter-reform. The media of the governor transmitted the Integrated Manager, as part of its habitual and debris programming, which distinguishes it from what the president says is information, which is opinion and which is political propaganda. To point out that he did not do so, when he was litigated that he is the governor who decides whether to be with his superstitious superstitious individuals and precisely the governors and directives of the governor’s media. The organ censor will be the Federal Institute of Telecommunications, but, if the President sells to the suya and eliminates the autonomous organs, it will certainly be the Secretariat of the Government that can decide who can decide and who can not, if not the unconstitutional abortion “preventive suspension of transmissions”. This is what the president’s employees are looking for and what else. It controls the public media and now pretends to control the private media. If you have the freedom of expression, you will have all the freedoms.


Gerardo Soria

President of the IDET


Specialist lawyer in regulated sectors. President of the Institute for the Law of Telecommunications (IDET). Doctoral in modern lyrics at the UIA.

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