Israel learns Canada, New Zealand and Australia are not true friends

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With friends like this, Israel does not need enemies.

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Nor do their hostages being held in Gaza.

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“There is growing international consensus. Israel must listen to its friends, and it must listen to the international community,” said the open letter from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, Christopher Luxon of New Zealand and Australia’s Anthony Albanese.

“The protection of civilians is paramount and a requirement under international humanitarian law. Palestinian civilians cannot be made to pay the price of defeating Hamas.”

Israel has few real friends and the ones that claim to be are fair-weather friends. At least Israelis and Jewish people around the world now know. You better believe they do.

B’nai Brith Canada is deeply concerned by the joint statement released by Canada’s prime minister in collaboration with the leaders of Australia and New Zealand,” the advocacy organization said in an X post late Wednesday.

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“It remains unclear how you can refer to yourself as a ‘friend’ of Israel, while at the same time jeopardizing Israel’s efforts to secure a peaceful future for its citizens and the rescue of its hostages.”

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The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) also took to X to condemn this move.

“Justin Trudeau has it backwards. The only way to ensure the safety of the civilian population is to compel Hamas to immediately and unconditionally release all hostages and lay down its arms,” CIJA wrote. “There would be no need for any military action in Rafah.

“Rather than issuing ultimatums to Israel, Canada and others should be directing their efforts at pressuring Hamas and its benefactors to do what is necessary to bring hostilities to an end.”

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But that’s not what happened.

Instead of starting their letter calling for the immediate release of all 130 hostages and demanding Hamas unconditionally surrender and face justice for their barbaric terrorism on Oct. 7 against Jewish victims in the biggest mass murder since the Holocaust, Canada, New Zealand and Australia effectively sided with the bad guys at a pivotal time when defeat of evil Hamas is in sight.

They threw them a lifeline.

“We are gravely concerned by indications that Israel is planning a ground offensive into Rafah,” they said in the letter. “A military operation into Rafah would be catastrophic. About 1.5 million Palestinians are taking refuge in the area, including many of our citizens and their families.

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“With the humanitarian situation in Gaza already dire, the impacts on Palestinian civilians from an expanded military operation would be devastating. We urge the Israeli government not to go down this path. There is simply nowhere else for civilians to go.”

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Of course, this is not true. The Rafah border crossing could be opened up to refugees but there was no urgent call on Egypt to do its part. Instead, they wrote what would be music to Hamas’s ears.

“An immediate humanitarian ceasefire is urgently needed,” said the leaders.

The last time these countries called for a ceasefire, top Hamas leader Dr. Ghazi Hamad released a video thanking them. This is the kind of help they need.

While deep in the letter it says, “We are clear that a sustainable ceasefire is necessary to finding a path towards securing lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians. Any ceasefire cannot be one sided. Hamas must lay down its arms and release all hostages immediately” and “we again unequivocally condemn Hamas for its terror attacks on Israel on Oct. 7,” it is seen by Israel as these allies talking out of both sides of their mouth.

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This is the problem with having friends who are only partially with you and who will buckle when you need them. The enemy seize on that kind of weakness.

Orchestrated and perfectly timed pressure like the pro-Hamas protest inside the House of Commons, the yelling for “intifada” in front of Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, and defacing Thornhill MP and Conservative Deputy Leader Melissa Lantsman’s constituency office are not coincidences.

There’s no question there are concerns about the safety of all civilians and reports of up to 30,000 deaths is upsetting. But Canada, New Zealand and Australia also know that Hamas — who have used people as human shields — are responsible for every death. They know Israel has gone to great lengths to move slowly, patiently and carefully while its citizens face a barrage of rockets from the Palestinian side every night.

War is ugly. But this war was started with Hamas’s savage attack of murder, rape, torture and kidnapping.

Israel is not at war with the Palestinian people. Israel is at war with Hamas, a listed terrorist entity in Canada,” B’nai Brith posted to X. “If Canada’s federal government truly wanted to ensure the betterment of the Palestinian people, it would unequivocally support Israel in its efforts to rid the world of the diabolical scourge that is Hamas.”

Instead, Hamas received some timely help from Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

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