Israel could invest $ 68 million in Colombia

Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez revealed on Tuesday that the country has received investment commitments from Israel for 68 million dollars, by intervening in the Israel-Colombia Economic Forum, in which he maintained that the Free Trade Agreement signed by both nations opens up immense possibilities to deepen your relationships of more than seven decades.

After indicating that Colombia is Israel’s main partner in the Americas, the president expressed that he will continue to welcome and strengthen the country’s commitment expressed in the trade agreement, put into effect last year, which transcends the changes of government and is constituted in a state policy. “Today we inaugurated the Jerusalem Innovation Office, but from all the meetings we have had, we have already received foreign direct investment commitments in the amount of 68 million dollars, and if that happened in the last 24 hours, I cannot even imagine what’s going to happen next, ”said the head of state.

President Duque also officially presented the Colombo-Israeli Business Council, a coordination mechanism for the private sector of both countries, which will facilitate investment and trade between the two nations.

The Council “will be led by businessmen from both countries and will constantly monitor the decisions we make and knock on our door every day saying how we will do so that things are done well, improve,” he said.

He argued that the great advances made by Israel constitute a motivation for Colombia and represent great complementarity.

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