Israel accused of genocide in Gaza | Canada opposed to South Africa’s ‘premise’

(Ottawa) Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada does not support South Africa’s premise of accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza before the International Court of Justice.

“Our support for the process and the institution of the International Court of Justice does not imply that we support the premise of the question posed by South Africa,” he told a conference on Friday. press office in Guelph, Ontario, for a housing announcement.

Mr. Trudeau assured that Canada will publish “a comprehensive statement at the ministerial level” on the subject in the coming hours.

He refused to say explicitly whether Canada would support the decision of the International Court of Justice if it leaned in favor of genocide.

The International Court of Justice heard the case Thursday and Friday in The Hague. Pretoria says Israel’s widespread bombing of Gaza and siege of Palestinians living there “is genocidal in nature.”

In its request, South Africa asserts that Israel has expressed “the required specific intent…to destroy the Palestinians in Gaza as part of the broader national, racial and ethnic group of Palestinians.”

Israel called the allegations “disgusting” and “unfounded,” saying the world was turned upside down. Israeli leaders defend their air and ground offensive in Gaza as a legitimate response to the October 7 Hamas attack, in which militants stormed Israeli communities, killed some 1,200 people and captured 250 others hostage.

According to the Hamas-run territory’s Health Ministry, more than 23,000 people have been killed in Gaza during the Israeli military campaign.

An hour before Mr. Trudeau spoke, Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre accused him of fueling cynicism while his troops say one thing and the opposite.

“Justin Trudeau is asking some of his MPs to speak out for the allegations against Israel and others to say the exact opposite to another group of voters,” he said during a first press briefing since November.

Mr. Poilievre, who was passing through Winnipeg, judges that the Prime Minister “wants to say anything to anyone” in order to convince everyone.

“He is not a head of state. You have to have moral clarity. You may disagree with me, but at least you know what I’m saying because I say the same thing no matter who I’m talking to, unlike Justin Trudeau. »

The Canadian government has not previously expressed a position on the matter, but Ottawa generally avoids taking Israel to international courts, arguing that it would undermine attempts to get Israelis and Palestinians to directly negotiate a lasting peace.

In recent days, liberals have expressed their opinions on the subject. MP Salma Zahid, for example, judged that the accusations “deserve to be heard in the appropriate legal framework”. Conversely, Marco Mendicino and Anthony Housefather affirmed that the South African request is “unfounded and inadmissible”.

And in fact, Mr. Poilievre revealed that he disagreed with the accusations of genocide that were made. According to him, it is “a political and dishonest effort to target the State of Israel”.

The conservative leader took up the arguments of the Jewish state that it is, on the contrary, Hamas which is committing genocide against Israel.

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