Is the Super Bowl on Amazon Prime?

One of the biggest sports weeks of the year is here, as the NFL Super Bowl quickly approaches. This year, the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will face off in what should be an epic matchup. Yet knowing where to find the game has become increasingly tricky. So, this guide will explain whether the Super Bowl is available on Amazon Prime or not.

The prominence of the NFL Super Bowl in the cultural zeitgeist cannot be understated. The match was watched by more than 114 million people. Additionally, with the advent of streaming platforms, last year’s Super Bowl reached a staggering 115 million people.

This year’s iteration, the 58th such event hosted by the NFL, should be an unforgettable event. Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are making their fourth Super Bowl appearance since 2020. The team has already won two of those games in its most recent history behind legendary head coach Andy Reid.

On the other side of the field, Kyle Shanahan is expected to lead the San Francisco 49ers to his second Super Bowl as the team’s head coach. Additionally, underdog Brock Purdy is expected to eventually become the team’s quarterback. Purdy was the 262nd pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and is the first ‘Mr. ‘Irrelavant’ to quarterback a team to the NFL Super Bowl.

Both parts feature an impressive and intriguing narrative, and the game is certainly a must-play for fans of the NFL and sports. However, knowing where to access the game is half the battle. So let’s see if Amazon Prime will stream the NFL Super Bowl this year.

Does Amazon Prime stream the Super Bowl?

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Amazon has undoubtedly become one of the most important media empires on the planet. Apart from its dominance in the online consumer marketplaces sector, it has seen tremendous growth in its entertainment offerings.

A crucial part of this has been the company’s investment in its burgeoning streaming platform, Amazon Prime. The service allows the consumer to purchase a stream of a plethora of content. Although it works a little differently than someone like Netflix or Hulu, it has become one of the best options.

This was reinforced when the platform was announced as host of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football. Throughout the season, Thursday matches would be broadcast exclusively on the streaming platform. However, does this factor into the biggest game of the NFL season?

The answer is more nuanced than a simple yes. Although not offered directly from the platform, the Super Bowl is available on Amazon Prime via its Paramount+ channels. Although PAramount+ functions as a completely separate streaming platform, it is accessible through Amazon Prime channels.

PAramount+ is the native streaming platform for all CBS content. Subsequently, CBS is the channel broadcasting the Super Bowl this year. Therefore, ViacomCBS, the company that controls everything, enables cross-platform event streaming.

Amazon Prime subscribers can therefore benefit from it via Prime channels. However, this doesn’t change the fact that users must also have access to Paramount+ to watch the Super Bowl when it airs this Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Other places to watch the Super Bowl

Is the Super Bowl on Peacock?

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If you don’t have Amazon or Paramount+, don’t worry because the NFL’s biggest game of the year will be streaming on a multitude of platforms. Therefore, let’s dig deeper into where you can watch Super Bowl 58.

CBS (cable)

One of the main places to watch the Super Bowl this weekend is via CBS. The network is set to air the big game and will show it to all of its cable affiliates. However, it’s important to remember that this only affects cable customers.

CBS should be accessible through most cable providers and is even available via an indoor antenna on all televisions. Additionally, the channel should be accessible through most TV streaming platforms, some of which we’ll delve into in more detail.

Fubo TV

A key streaming platform that has gained popularity among sports fans, Fubo TV is a great option for watching the Super Bowl. The platform offers more than 400 channels for subscribers, including CBS.

Plus, the current free trial makes Fubo TV a great option for viewers. The platform offers potential users the opportunity to explore its features without committing to the platform through a subscription. Additionally, Paramount+ also offers a 7-day free trial

Hulu TV

Another popular option for streaming the Super Bowl is Hulu TV. However, the only way to access the big game is with Hulu’s enhanced Live TV package which allows you to stream traditional TV channels.

The package includes CBS and will allow you to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. Additionally, this is another streaming option for people without cable to have access to the increased event.

YouTube TV

Throughout its history, few platforms can boast the popularity that YouTube has enjoyed over the past decade. Indeed, this has not carried over to the streaming field, where the company is a recent player.

YouTube TV is very similar to the previously mentioned Fubo TV and Hulu. It essentially offers a plethora of live TV options without the hassle of traditional cable. Plus, it presents yet another opportunity to watch Super Bowl 58.

In total, there is no shortage of platforms providing access to the Super Bowl. However, with countless emerging services, we must be selective about those who offer them. Make sure you have one of the platforms mentioned above so you don’t miss out on what should be a showdown for the ages this Sunday.


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