DENIAL. The news is false. | Photo: Efe.

A rumor about a possible fourth payment on stimulus checks went viral online this week. However, the information is false. No official has announced an extra payment and in Congress, where the relief funds have been agreed, there are no immediate plans for a new aid allocation.

The context: According to the web portal The U.S Sun, a fourth stimulus check would arrive this Thursday, August 19 for an amount of 7 thousand dollars. The information was reviewed by the medium As USA, which reported that the note from the aforementioned website had been denied.

  • In The US Sun a different note appears this Wednesday, in which they indicate that an additional payment “could” arrive on August 13 and then on September 15, coming from the IRS.
  • The web portal indicates that people are supposed to register before August 30 to receive up to $ 8,000 in aid. However, the outlet does not provide the source of the news.

And now that…? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) still distributes the third stimulus check to thousands of people who have not received it. In addition, there are other benefits that residents affected by the pandemic can receive, such as unemployment assistance or child payments.

  • Although there are people who are waiting for a fourth stimulus check, the possibility that it will arrive is remote, as it has not yet been addressed by Congress.
  • As of Wednesday, nearly 3 million people have signed a petition on to request a fourth round of checks.

Main source of the news: As USA.

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