Is Betting On The NHL A Good Idea?

Hockey is one of the oldest sports played in the world. Then ice hockey was introduced later, making it a modern version of this exciting sport. Hockey has many fans; hence it’s still around today. However, it’s more prevalent in North America and not in the rest of the world.

So, the NHL is one of the top leagues but not many bet on it because only a certain portion of the world is more exposed to and informed about it. Hence many sports bettors are skeptical about betting on it. Below, we’ve gathered information on the NHL that’ll make you look at it differently.

There Aren’t Many Who Bet On The NHL

The NHL is the most underrated league in North America compared to the NBA, MLB and NFL. The same goes for it the sports betting world. In the list of famous sports by the betting handle, it’s the fourth most bet on sport. 

There are a few possible reasons behind this issue. One of them is that gambling on hockey wasn’t encouraged for a long time due to the dark past of underground gambling. Therefore, gambling legally in this sport is more recent than in other sports.

Punters aren’t familiar with NHL odds and how betting generally works. With fewer bettors, there isn’t much hype on people who’ve won big and, therefore, not so much attraction to this sport and its events. Don’t be quick to give up because below, we have a list of reasons it’s a good idea to bet on the NHL.

Reasons To Bet On The NHL 

There are many reasons why there are existing NHL punters today who’ve been betting for as long as they can. Some have even become wiser, placed many successful bets, and beat the bookmakers. Here are a few reasons they continue betting:

The NHL Is Still Growing

The NHL is still growing into the space opened by the Western Hockey League. It has managed to grow from six teams to 32. In 2017, the number of fans and punters increased due to the arrival of the Vegas Golden Knights. This led to the legalization and expansion of single-game betting.

In 2018, the NHL signed an expansion franchise deal in Seattle. This led to the introduction of Seattle Krakens in 2020, trained and equipped for the 2021-2022 season. 

It’s Still Embracing The Practice

The NHL is still embracing sports betting because it’s fairly new in this sport. This is due to the past restrictions that drove people to underground gambling, which made the NHL not encourage its fans to bet.

The NHL has now taken the initiative to provide the necessary data to bookmakers. When you’re betting on this event, you’re betting fairly because their data and odds are more accurate.

There Are Various Bets To Place

Like you’d find on football and other top sports, ice hockey has many ways to bet. It’s not one of those sports where you’ll find three or fewer ways to place a bet. Here’s a list of possible bets you can place on a hockey match:

  • Money line betting
  • Over/Under betting
  • Puck line betting
  • Player prop bets
  • Team prop bets
  • Live betting 
  • Futures betting

In Closing

There are many good reasons to bet on the NHL. This sports event is expanding and covering most parts of North America. Its fanbase is also growing with the number of punters on sportsbooks. The great thing about NHL is that it issues data to sportsbooks so that its results and odds are more accurate.

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