Irving and Durant take the Nets to the Celtics in the ‘play-offs’

  • The display of the two Brooklyn stars frustrates a Cavaliers released by Garland

  • Minnesota beats the Los Angeles Clippers and will be the rival of the Grizzlies in the first round

Kyrie Irvingwith 34 points and twelve rebounds, and Kevin Duran, with 25 points and 11 assists, gave this Tuesday a victory by 115-108 to the Brooklyn Nets in the “play-in” againsts Cleveland Cavaliers, which allowed the team Steve Nash qualify for the playoffs, in which they will be measured with the Boston Celtics.

On the tightrope after a new season marked by ups and downs, the Nets did not fail at the decisive moment and won to the rhythm of their leaders, Irving and Durant, against a Cavaliers who did not have enough 34 points from Darius Garland.

To the great night of Irving and Durant was added a Bruce Brown who signed 18 points, captured nine rebounds and distributed eight assists, making the best use of the spaces left by the rival defense, forced to focus on the two Nets stars.

The Cavs will play the last ticket for the ‘play-offs’ next Friday against the loser of the Atlanta Hawks-Charlotte Hornets, who face each other this Wednesday.

The Miami Heatleaders of the East in the regular season, will face next Sunday the team that comes out the winner and enters the play-off table as eighth.

Irving, 20 points in the first half

They marked territory from the start of the Nets with a convincing 40-20 in the first quarter, led by eleven points from Kyrie Irving and eight of Kevin Durant. Steve Nash’s men converted 70% of their shots and added twice as many rebounds as the Cavs, completely at the mercy of their rivals.

KevinLove, with a 3-pointer at the buzzer, he led the Cavaliers’ reaction with a 9-2 run to open the second quarter, but that wasn’t enough to stop Irving’s stellar night.

The former Cavs player, rookie of the year, NBA champion and four-time All-Star in his career, completed a perfect first half, with 20 points and nine of nine shooting. He sentenced her to the buzzer with a spectacular suspended basket that provoked a standing ovation from the Barclay’s Center.

His tremendous performance left in an anecdote the fact that the Nets barely scored two points in the first 5:40 of the second quarter. Irving, along with Durant, maintained the Nets’ lead at fourteen points (57-43) against some Cavs who accumulated lost balls, up to seven for just one of their rivals.

Far from just going for comfortable layups, Irving continued to take risks with his plays and adding hit after hit. With another eight points under his belt in the third period he went to the bench with two minutes left with his Nets ahead 81-64. He was 11 for 11 shooting and the spectators were cheering wildly for his amazing performance.

That yes, the Cavaliers they had the merit of not melting completely. They managed to stay in the match mentally and cut the margin to twelve points (85-73) to enter the last period.

Durant stops the Cavs

Irving’s first mistake came with ten minutes left in the final period, with a missed 3-pointer, coupled with a blatant goran dragic to Garland who paved the way for a 16-4 run that allowed the Cavs to close to 80-87.

Garland, who flagrantly suffered from Dragic for taking a hit to the groin, was the one who converted a great three-pointer to give his team full options.

It was then that during He went into action, with the first triple of his night to give a 91-82 lead and curb the rival enthusiasm.

Garlandbased on triples, and the Finnish Lauri Markannenwith a powerful mate, tried to rebel and brought their team within six points, but Durant again appeared as a killjoy.

“KD” sealed two wonderful jump shots that again gave his team a double-digit lead (103-93).

They were the blows that definitively put the game downhill that sent the Nets to the ‘play-offs’, in which the Boston Celtics await them

Edwards and Russell released

In a tremendous basketball battle with a knife in their mouths, the minnesota timberwolves survived this Tuesday to Los Angels Clippers in a convoluted and exciting “play-in” match (109-104) and they will face the memphis grizzlies in the first round of the ‘play-offs’.

Angelenos unhinged Karl Anthony-Towns, that he was sent off for fouls and that he only played 24 minutes (11 points on 3-of-11 shooting).

However, the Clippers could not contain in the outcome Anthony Edwards (30 points and 5 rebounds) and D’Angelo Russell (29 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists), excellent in a great run of 26-11 in the last nine minutes to close a fantastic comeback without Towns.

The one that best symbolized the warrior character of the Wolves was Patrick Beverly, incendiary and inexhaustible on each ball, who celebrated the victory in tears and who has become an idol in Minneapolis.

Minnesotans are now awaited by the exciting Grizzlies of Ha Morant, the revelation of the season as second in the West.

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For their part, the Clippers will receive on Friday the winner of the game between New Orleans Pelicans and San Antonio Spurs (ninth and tenth of the West) to see who meets the fearsome in the first round Phoenix Suns.

The Clippers came to dominate from 10 points in the fourth quarter and Tyronn Lue seemed to have won the tactical battle by stopping a Wolves that were the highest scoring team in the regular season. But in the end they deflated despite the great match of Paul George (34 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists).

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