Irene Montero’s blacklist of doctors for abortion

The Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, yesterday put most doctors on the warpath for their determination to “regulate conscientious objection” and create a list of objectors to, as it says, “guarantee access to abortion.”

Montero relies on the fact that 87% of abortions are performed outside hospitals, and that eight out of ten of this total in private centers. But, instead of offering logistical solutions to the problem, it proposes the elaboration of black lists, with names and surnames, that criminalize those who oppose abortion without delving into the reasons for that decision.

Thus, the minister shows a look full of prejudices on the doctors, who now fear that their entry in the registry will end up having repercussions, in turn, on their professional projection within the public system.

Other formulas

But, no matter how hard he tries, Montero cannot start because of the brave rights guaranteed by law and by the Constitution. The Bioethics Committee of the Ministry of Health has already denounced that “limiting the doctor’s conscientious objection” is “clearly unconstitutional”, and that what interests the Administration is to know who is willing to perform abortions, “not who is not does”. The other thing is to start a witch hunt.

If Montero aspires to guarantee abortion in public centers, what is the point of pointing out those who oppose it for moral or personal reasons, instead of opening a registry with volunteers? If the problem is purely organizational, Why does Montero accuse doctors of being an “obstacle” against women’s rights, and does not assume the government’s improvable lines of action?


Montero’s position demonstrates the sectarianism of the radical left with the objectors who, for reasons of conscience and in line with the Hippocratic oath, do not offer to interrupt a life. If these doctors are convinced that they are ending a human life, Why should the State pressure them when it has alternatives to solve the problem?

With its intention of creating blacklists of doctors, Podemos reveals the true face of a left that, behind its friendly appearance, hides a clear vocation to shape society with coercion and threat.

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