Irene Montero will create a registry of professional objectors to guarantee access to abortion

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The Ministry of Equality, which runs Irene Montero, will include in the reform of the Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy (IVE) a registry of professional objectors to guarantee access to abortion in all cases, an initiative that will be carried out, according to sources explained from the Ministry to the Europa Press agency, in the image of the registry that is already included in the Euthanasia Law.

Sources from the department have explained that it has been decided to use the Euthanasia Law as a reference in this matter because it obtained a broad consensus during its drafting.

The objective of this registry of objectors, according to the same sources, is to identify the needs in each health area, so that the right to IVE can be guaranteed in all cases.

The director of the Institute of Women, Toni Morillas, already explained this Monday that in Spain there is “a bad practice” in relation to the “conscientious objection” of professionals that “makes the human right to abortion hinder” and is not treated as “one more provision of the portfolio of the National Health System “, but” a practice that generates social stigma. “

Provinces without abortions since 1988

In this sense, Igualdad points out that 87% of IVE were carried out in out-of-hospital settings, of which 79% were in private centers.

Thus, it indicates, it is included in the report on this subject of the Ministry of Health published in 2019 and that also allows a comparison of the annual reports published between 1988 and 2018. From this comparison, it denounces Equality, it is extracted that there are eight provinces in those that have not practiced voluntary interruptions of pregnancy.

“These data indicate that there is a problem in relation to the guarantee of accessibility, gratuity and territorial equity in relation to the IVE”, explains Equality, which also focuses on the “harassment” that women and professionals suffer in access to some abortion clinics in Spain.


As Igualdad explains in the text published on the occasion of the start of this consultation, the Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health and the IVE supposed, 11 years ago, “notable” advances, but also, it points out, there have been “obstacles that they have hindered the effective and full exercise of all the rights “contained in the norm.

In his opinion, current legislation “restricts the decision-making capacity” to abort “of women aged 16 and 17, limiting what is established for other types of health benefits” that are included in the Patient Autonomy Law.

Addressing this problem, says Equality, is one of the central aspects to which the modification of the norm seeks to respond, as well as promoting instruments that allow greater speed in the implementation of the Strategy for Attention to Normal Delivery in care protocols, from a gender approach, promoting the autonomy of women and respectful childbirth.

Other “objectives” of this reform, according to the Ministry in the document, is to guarantee comprehensive sexual education with a gender perspective and in all stages of life; reinforce the protection of minors and women with judicially modified capacity in the IVE; o guarantee territorial equity, accessibility, as well as the elimination of stigmatization and harassment.

Abortion Access Day

In the same way, it seeks to promote the training of health professionals, promote research and studies, as well as the promotion of good practices that, from diversity and a feminist approach, promote good treatment.

The public consultation for this legislative reform is launched on the same day as the Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion is celebrated. And on the occasion of this date, Equality also launches a campaign on social networks to vindicate the sexual and reproductive rights of all women.

This initiative, the Ministry explained, also aims to talk about the importance of sexual education with a gender focus and at all stages of life.

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