IPhone 13 Pro teardown reveals how Apple achieved a 20 percent smaller notch

I fix it it’s back with another teardown, and this time, they’ve taken apart an iPhone 13 Pro.

Similar to previous iterations, I fix it It says that the iPhone 13 Pro is also adhesive-sealed and has display cables placed on the left side of the chassis. But more importantly, this year’s flagship Pro has an L-shaped battery with a capacity of exactly 3,095 mAh.

Compared to the 2,815 mAh battery in last year’s iPhone 12 Pro, this is a significant gain and allows the new device to last about 1.5 hours longer on a single charge, even while packed with more battery-demanding features, including a 120Hz refresh rate display. Also, changing the battery will no longer cause your phone to crash. However, you will still receive a warning message, but the iPhone 13 Pro will continue to function normally.

Other internal components have also been rearranged to save space. For example, according to I fix it, the Face ID flood illuminator and spot projector have been consolidated into a single module, allowing Apple to make the notch on the iPhone 13 Pro 20 percent smaller than on the iPhone 12 Pro.

iFixit also reports that the triple camera array on the back of the iPhone 13 Pro is larger than that of the iPhone 12 Pro, which likely represents a bigger and better wide-angle shooter and a new 3x optical zoom telephoto lens.

I fix itThe teardown of the iPhone 13 Pro has not yet concluded, and the second part with more information is expected to be available soon. More information on disassembling the iPhone 13 Pro here.

Image Credit: I fix it

Source: I fix it

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