IPhone 13 mini charges slower in the lineup over MagSafe

Apple’s iPhone 13 mini charges at 12 watts with MagSafe-certified wireless chargers instead of 15 watts like the rest of the iPhone 13 line, according to a new Apple Support document.

While many users expected the small 5.4-inch smartphone to get a charging speed update this year, the lower charging speeds are not a surprise as the iPhone 12 mini suffered the same fate.

The iPhone 13 mini, of course, has the smallest battery of the entire iPhone 13 line, so it probably won’t take long to charge anyway. It’s also worth noting that since the mini is a smaller device, it’s also likely to heat up faster, which could be what Apple hopes to make up for with the slower charging speed.

If you are looking to quickly charge your iPhone 13 mini, you can get maximum charging speeds of up to 22 watts by using a charging block with at least 20 watts of output.

Source: Apple Support Via: MacRumors

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