IP asks that changes in vacation periods be gradual and of 9 days

For each day of vacation that is intended to be increased, according to the reform proposal on “dignified vacations” that is in the Senate of the Republic, it brings an impact on 25% of the vacation premium that is granted to each worker, and for therefore, it is reflected in the quotas of social Security that must be covered.

The foregoing are two aspects detected by representatives of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) and the National Chamber of Transformation Industry (Canacintra) in the open parliament that takes place in the Senate, where they stressed that it is essential to analyze the working hours that each worker has, because not all of them have shifts in which they work five days and rest two.

Lorenzo Roel, representative of the ECC, stated that “it is not a direct rule” that increasing vacation periods increases productivity; Therefore, he explained that for the business sector it is important that “if there is a change to article 76, it be done gradually and granting nine days.”

Specialist in human Resources They recommended that 12 days be granted, especially because it retains talent; and Mexico is installed at the forefront with the countries that provide a greater number of vacation days.

With a staggered reform there is no impact on issues of productivity and turnover, and temporary people who don’t make it to one year would be reached; are awarded consecutively.


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