Guadalajara, Jalisco. Because it is the main food producer in the country, for the entity it is essential to prepare an agricultural census that allows defining public policies related to the development of the field, for which authorities and businessmen from the sector formed this Monday the Support Committee for the 2022 Agricultural Census.

“Being the number one state in food production also represents great challenges in terms of sustainability, in guaranteeing the social security of our producers, of those who work in the fields, economic development. All these statistics that allow us to have public policies designed based on where we stand as a sector”, said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Sader). JaliscoAna Lucia Camacho Seville.

For his part, the state coordinator of the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (inegi), Odilón Cortés Linares, stressed that the most important objective of the census is to generate updated statistics with economic, technological, environmental characteristics, etc., both of the production units and of agricultural, livestock and forest land, since, in Mexico , the last agricultural census was carried out in 2007.

He indicated that the Agricultural Census 2022 which will take place from September 19 to November 30 of this year, will be the ninth of its kind to be held in Mexico since 1930 when the first Agricultural, Livestock and Ejidal Census was carried out.

“Fundamentally we are going to know its production, its size, its structure and its distribution throughout the national territory, in order to offer quantitative and qualitative data to support decision-making, define public policies for the field, support studies of the agricultural sector , contribute to face current challenges such as food security, poverty, climate change mitigation and also meet the objectives of sustainable development”, said the state coordinator of the inegi.

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Among other aspects, the agricultural census will make it possible to know the agricultural, livestock and forestry production of the state, labor in the field, salaries, irrigation systems, sociodemographic characteristics of producers and the impact of Covid-19 on agricultural and livestock activity. forestry and workers’ health, as well as the impact of droughts.


The 2022 Agricultural Census Support Committee aims to promote coordination between the three levels of government in addition to promoting the participation and collaboration of organizations, associations and unions of agricultural, livestock and forestry producers in collecting information.

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