Investment in cloud services totaled nearly $ 50 billion in Q3

Companies from all economic sectors with an interest in modernizing their operations with an information technology and telecommunications infrastructure service in the cloud, maintained their rate of investment in this area during the third quarter, until reaching the quota of 49.400 million dollars between the months of July and September 2021.

The research firm Canalys reported that its market analysis indicates a 35% increase in investment to cloud infrastructure in the third quarter of the year, compared to the same quarter of 2020.

Global spending in the industry increased 35% to $ 49.4 billion and driven by a variety of factors, including continuous remote work and learning and the growing use of industry-specific cloud applications, ”said Canalys.

According Canalys, between the third quarter of 2020 and the third of 2021, investment and spending by companies in ICT infrastructure and cloud telecommunications services increased by 12.9 billion dollars and by 2.4 billion dollars in the comparison of the third quarter with the second of 2021.

The investments of the companies have allowed the providers of this type of services to maintain their expansion plans and with it the provision of new data centers in different geographical points to satisfy the demand.

The challenge today, Canalys said, is the global shortage of chips, which also already affects manufacturers of components for data centers around the world, and all this causes prices to rise and product delivery times lengthen their times. .

“Overall demand already exceeds chip manufacturing capabilities, and infrastructure expansion may become limited for cloud service providers (…) In addition to managing supply chains in the best possible way, providers that create an advantage focus on developing their go-to-market channels alongside their product portfolios to catch up with an ever-widening variety of customer use cases that has driven demand since the start of the pandemic, ”he commented in a report Blake Murray, Canalys Research Analyst.

Among the world’s leading providers of cloud infrastructure services, it stands out that Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounted for 32% of total spending on cloud infrastructure services during the third quarter of 2021, making it the leading provider of the sector. The growth of this actor was 39% year over year, thanks to product solutions very focused on the areas of cybersecurity and due to contracts obtained from the governments of the United States and the United Kingdom.

Microsoft Azure was the second largest cloud service provider in the third quarter of 2021, with a market share of 21 percent. The brand grew more than 50% for the fifth consecutive quarter. This growth was due to the fact that Microsoft continued to focus on industry cloud service customizations and expanded capabilities in financial services and manufacturing, Canalys said.

Google CloudMeanwhile, it was positioned as the third largest provider and grew by 54% to represent 8% of the market as of the third quarter of 2021. The company announced twenty expanded technology partnerships with data and cybersecurity companies to deepen the vertical experience and Google Cloud it also emphasized its channel partners and has launched new incentives in its partner program to advance the market.

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