The preference to buy and sell at a distance has been around since before the covid-19 pandemic arrived, but in Mexico it accelerated in an unprecedented way due to the deliveries. Although the growth rate of this sector has slowed with economic reactivation, it is still progressing.

During November 2021, revenue from electronic commerce, catalogs and television recorded an increase of 8.9% compared to the same month of the previous year, according to figures from the Monthly survey of commercial companies (EMOE) of the Inegi.

This growth is significantly higher than that recorded for total retail, which recorded an advance of 5.4% during this period. “Contactless” sales still show better dynamics than the rest of the trade.

In addition, this figure shows that the revenue generated by this sector continues to reach new highs of all time.

The good dynamics of online, catalog and television trading have also generated better conditions in terms of employment. The total number of people working in this sector has increased and the figures indicate that the conditions have also.

During November 2021, the working staff in the sector generally increased by 11.0% in a year-on-year comparison. Inside, an improvement was observed with respect to Outsourcing; the staff dependent on the companies registered a growth of 127.4%, while the staff provided for other social reasons decreased by 78.5 percent.

These figures indicate that many workers who stayed in subcontracting schemes migrated to the direct relationship scheme with their service units.

It is expected that the electronic commerce and sales through digital channels continue their growing trend over the next few years. In Mexico, the barriers that could hamper the dynamics of the sector will be the level of banking and consumer confidence.

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