International tourists spend in Mexico like never before: 1,473 million dollars in September

Although Mexico has not yet recovered the flows of international visitors it had before the pandemic, foreign exchange earnings from this concept continue to grow. Only in September 2021, 1,473 million dollars entered the country from international tourism.

According to the records of the International Traveler Surveys (EVI) of Inegi, the level of tourist spending rebounded 146% after September 2020, one of the most complex years due to border closures and confinements in some countries.

Additionally, spending by international tourists also exceeded pre-pandemic levels, with an increase of 4% compared to September 2019, when they entered 1,412 million dollars under this concept.

This situation implies an important dynamism for the entry of foreign exchange in Mexico, because tourism is among the first sources of foreign exchange, only after remittances and the automotive industry.

In total, during September 2021, 4 million 379,221 travelers entered the country, of which 1 million 251,121 were inbound tourists, that is, they arrived in Mexico for recreation, vacations, family visits or work trips. The rest were border tourists or hikers from entrance to exit.

The recovery of inbound tourism has been fundamental for the dynamism of foreign exchange due to the fact that this sector of travelers is the one that spends the most during their stay in the country; During September 2021, each tourist in this category spent an average of 1,242 dollars.

International recovery projections for tourism are optimistic but conditioned by the advance of vaccination against Covid-19 on a global scale. In Mexico, the hospitality, food and nightlife sectors continue to recover from the unprecedented crisis represented by the pandemic.

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