Insurers have paid 59,541 million pesos for attention to Covid-19: AMIS

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in the country and as of the first quarter of this year, insurers have paid 59,541 million pesos in hospital care for Covid-19 and by deaths derivatives of this disease to 197,553 Mexican families, reported the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (TO MY).

According to the TO MY, the average cost of the cases attended amounted to 521,000 pesos; of all cases, 73% exceeded the average cost of care. For example, 30,715 of the insured received hospital care, which involved an average cost of 598,000 pesos, and 4,843 patients who required care in the intensive care unit, had an average cost of 1.3 million pesos.

Through a press release, AMIS reported that only two out of 10 people, who belong to the economically active population, have individual life insurance. In the case of medical expenses insurance, seven out of 10 insured persons have the protection of a group policy.

Norma Alicia Rosas, General Director of the TO MYreiterated that this pandemic faced a solvency index of 2.8 times the capital required by law, which guaranteed compliance with the obligations with the insured.

Nowadays the insurance industry It is the third largest institutional investor in Mexico with 1.5 billion pesos.

“Since the beginning of the health emergency caused by the virus, insurers have been one of the most relevant actors, by preventing a financial crisis in the economy of thousands of Mexican families who have a medical or life insurance policy,” he specified. the representative of the TO MY.


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