Insulting Cynicism, by Emma Riverola

‘Freedom, amnesty and the Statute of Autonomy’ was the unanimous cry of the anti-Franco forces 50 years ago. That concise slogan, three darts, was born in the Assemblea de Catalunya (1971), a unitary body in opposition to the dictatorship. In 1973, all the members of its permanent commission would be arrested: 113 people. Last Friday, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, a commemorative act was held in the Parliament chaired by Laura Borràs. The Síndic de Greuges, Rafael Ribó, highlighted how then “consensus and unity were the basic values ​​& rdquor ;. And the note would be valuable if it didn’t sound cynical. Borràs linked the resistance of then with the independence of now and the tribute suffered from inexplicable absences, such as that of Raimon Obiols (one of the 113), who was not even invited to the event.

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Nothing is surprising anymore, but we should not get used to it for that. The ‘procés’ tried to draw a Homogeneous and false Catalonia. A certain part of the independence movement continues to work to perpetuate this imposture. To decide who counts and who doesn’t in his cult narrative. Praising unity while practicing contempt is insulting cynicism to say the least.

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