Instagram CEO says it would be “nice” to have an iPad app

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged that it would be “nice” to have an iPad app, seemingly forgetting that he has the power to make it happen.

in a instagram stories series Over the weekend, Mosseri did a little ‘ask me anything’ and answered several questions. A simple question was: “Where is the Instagram app for iPad?”

Mosseri mentions that he was using an iPad on his flight, but acknowledges that there is no Instagram app for iPad yet.

“It would be nice to do it, but there is a lot to do and only a limited number of people, so it has not made the cut.”

In the following story, Mosseri and his wife discuss who would use Instagram on an iPad, then they acknowledge that Mosseri’s mother-in-law probably would.

It’s no secret that many people would appreciate Instagram on iPad. People have iPads and I’m sure there are a lot of differences between Instagram users and iPad owners. Having access to Instagram’s primarily visual interface on a much larger screen would be ideal for the visually impaired or those who just want to view images on something larger than a phone.

To be fair, the mediocre Instagram experience on iPad will soon improve. A new feature in iPadOS 15 will allow Instagram and other iPhone-only apps run in portrait mode while holding the tablet in landscape mode. That should make it a lot easier to multitask and have Instagram and other apps open simultaneously.

Unfortunately, that’s still not as good as a real Instagram app on iPad. Also, considering that the Instagram website now allows people to upload content from browsers on Windows, Mac, or other desktops, it’s even weirder that you can’t do it from the iPad, regardless of whether you’re using the app or the browser.

At this point, it seems like the Instagram team really hates the iPad.

Source: Adam mosseri (Instagram) Via: 9to5Mac

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