INM begins to disseminate migrants in Mexico who threatened with a new caravan

Hundreds of migrants that they threatened to start a new caravan From southern Mexico this week they began to be transferred to other regions, while the country seeks to contain these large flows of people, representatives of the movement and two sources from the immigration authority reported Thursday.

The transfer of a large part of the group that for months has waited for a response to requests for refugee or humanitarian visas in Tapachula, border town with Guatemala, is scheduled for the next few hours, a source from the Migration’s national institute (INM). They will be sent to the states of Puebla and Guanajuatohe added.

On the eve, 120 Haitian migrants were transported in three buses from that town in the state of Chiapas to the states of Aguascalientes, Campeche and Durango to start your process of immigration regularization, according to another source from the institution.

“This is a method to avoid the massive movements of Haitians, Cubans and all the people who were prepared to leave tomorrow (in a caravan) and so that it does not happen in the subsequent years,” explained Luis García, one of the organizers of the massive migrant flows, after mentioning that some 600 people would be transported on Thursday.

Reuters witnesses observed that before the arrival of the buses a group of anti-riot police from the militarized National Guard guarded the area to avoid an agglomeration of migrants while they registered the foreigners who would be transferred. The INM office coordinator, Hector Martinez, detailed that 20 buses will leave on Thursday.

“With God’s favor I’m going on one of those buses, I want to get out of Tapachula now, there is no work or any kind of help here. I don’t have money to go to the doctor and I have been very ill,” a woman told Reuters by phone. Haitian who preferred not to be named, while waiting for the arrival of the transport.

This week, the group had warned by leaving in a caravan to the north of the country if the Mexican government did not help them leave Tapachula, where they have denounced acts of discrimination, lack of employment and the slowness of the authorities in responding to their requests.

On Tuesday, another caravan with thousands of members that was going to USA It was dissolved in another part of Chiapas after its members and organizers accepted the proposal of the Mexican authorities to regularize their stay in the country.

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