Injunction to block the tramway: a “crazy” approach, according to Claude Villeneuve

The Leader of the Opposition at Quebec City Hall, Claude Villeneuve, believes that a possible legal challenge to block the tramway project has very little chance of success, and describes the citizen’s approach as “crazy”.

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“That people speak up and use the means at their disposal, that’s okay. Now, whether through now a lawsuit or a legal opinion […] it is an approach that seems to me quite frivolous, even crazy, ”he reacted Thursday. “I don’t have a lot of concerns about that.”

The day before, we revealed that a group of citizens, baptized “Quebec deserves better”, had mandated the cabinet of Mr.e Guy Bertrand to validate the feasibility of legal recourse in order to stop the project, force the City to carry out a new comparative study of modes of transport and oblige the holding of a referendum.

Me Bertrand concluded that the anti-tramway have a serious cause to put forward in Superior Court, deploring a “misappropriation of democracy” and “multiple abuses” of the City of Quebec, the Ministry of the Environment and the Council of Ministers which authorized the project.

In short, the tramway project is “illegal”, according to its claims. He believes he can curb the project with a request for an injunction and invalidate a decree of the Council of Ministers, then a regulation of the City of Quebec.

The famous lawyer, supported by Me André Binette, another constitutionalist, also mentions sprains to various articles of the Quebec and Canadian charters of rights and freedoms.

The initiative of a small group of citizens – which seeks to finance its crusade with donations from the public – appears very late in the eyes of Claude Villeneuve, at this stage, when the project is well under way and the preparatory work started two years ago.

Mr. Villeneuve also fired a few arrows at the 85-year-old lawyer who advises the group.

“We know that Guy Bertrand is associated with all sorts of causes. Recently, he was forced to “drop” a gang of conspirators because he realized they were obviously acting against the law. [Il] like it, having publicity, but what was produced as legal advice, it is not something that I find credible.

He is also surprised by the proposal of the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, who now advocates free public transport in Quebec and the complete cessation of the tramway project.

“It does not hold. I do not believe it. [Son] bet is that with free, we will increase the use of the service. The network [Métrobus] is at saturation. Therefore, free access would make the adoption of a heavy public transport system more urgent at the same time as it would make it more difficult, because it would be less well financed.

The former head of Democracy Quebec, Anne Guérette, also dissociated herself from the group “Quebec deserves better”, Thursday, while a spokesperson for the group assured the day before that she was nevertheless part of it.

“I have met many groups, but I am not a member of any committee or group. I am not embarking on any legal recourse. It’s their story, their business,” she said, adding, however, that she supports anyone or any committee that has “the courage to stand up” to oppose the tram.

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