Queretaro, Qro. The state representation of the Institute of the National Workers’ Housing Fund (Infonavit) launched the Creterreno Infonavit product in Querétaro, which consists of a loan for the purchase of land where the beneficiary’s home will be built.

It is estimated that in the state there are 11,983 rights holders who plan to buy land in the coming years, who are susceptible to this credit product, explained the representative of the General Directorate of Infonavit in Querétaro, Diana Félix Andrade.

“It is a very attractive number, it is hard data for us to have that reality that it is indeed a need for people,” he said.

Currently, in the state, the institute has received 50 credit intentions through this product, in the case of pre-qualified beneficiaries, who have yet to complete their file.

The directive highlighted that it is the first time that Infonavit has generated a credit scheme of its kind, since previously it only focused on loans for existing real estate.

This product has fixed monthly payments throughout the term of the financing, as well as a differentiated interest rate, which will be from 6.5 to 8.2% for those who do not have a home, and from 9 to 11% for those who seek to buy land as an investment. or to build a rest house.

However, they must realize that the land has residential land use, that it is located near health centers, schools, grocery stores, recreational spaces and sources of employment.

Similarly, it must be outside any risk zone such as caves, geological faults, landfills, flood risk areas, among others.

Financing applies under the B900 scoring model, which is that only 980 points are required to contribute to request financing, instead of 1,080, which is required for other products.

In the last two months of 2021 in the state, 214,147 prequalified people were counted to buy a new, existing house, land and even to remodel, expand or build.

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