The Venezuelan inflation it accelerated and in April it reached 4.4% per month, after a rise of 1.4% the previous month, according to data released on Friday by the Central Bank.

In March, the rate of inflation was the lowest in a decade, but the trend was reversed last month due to the depreciation of the bolĂ­var against the dollar, according to analysts. With the April variation, year-on-year inflation was 222.25%, according to Reuters calculations based on figures from the Venezuelan issuer.

Although in the last eight months the inflation rate has been in the single digits, prices continue to affect the income of families in the country, where the minimum wage is equivalent to 30 dollars.

Accumulated inflation in four months was 16.3%, according to official data.

Of the groups that make up inflation, those that had the largest price jumps in April were education services, 15.2%, and restaurants, 6.2%, according to data from the issuer.

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