INE’s computation on the Revocation of Mandate advances with an advantage for the option that AMLO stays

With an advance of 99.63%, the district calculations of the INE confirm the advantage of 15.1 million votes of citizens in favor of the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador conclude his term in 2024, against 1 million votes that considered that his mandate should be revoked.

The General Council of the National Electoral Institute It will meet at 8:00 p.m. this Monday to confirm the results of the district calculations, which show an advance of 99.63%, until 10:52 a.m. this Monday.

57,239 boxes of the 57,449 installed in Sunday’s consultation have been computed, with the following results:

  • A) That the mandate of the President be revoked due to loss of confidence: 1 million 059,994 (6.4%).
  • B) That he continue in the Presidency of the Republic: 15 million 105,416 (91.86%)
  • Null votes: 277,555 (1.6%)
  • Citizen participation: 17.7142% of the 92 million 823,216 people that make up the Nominal List.

With these data that the INE will confirm tonight, the revocation consultation did not manage to gather 40% of citizen participation so that it is binding in any sense of the two options that were consulted.

However, the validity of these results will be issued by the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federationwhose magistrates must analyze the challenges that the data may eventually present, issue the final calculations and declare the link or not of the query.

In the morning, in his morning conference, the president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He assured that the consultation was a success and thanked the citizens for expressing their opinion in the April 10 consultation.

AMLO He assured that in this consultation he obtained “more votes” than in 2006, but less than in 2018, this, he said, because of the “traps” and the “boycott” of the INE, which, he said, installed only a third of the boxes that are installed for the presidential elections, “in 2018 around 160,000 boxes were installed, and now there were 57,000,” he said.

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